Client : TataSky,Various DTH projects

Basketball Slam

Be a part of the greatest basketball tournament in this decade. It is up to you to make your way into the playoffs and bring back the championship that has eluded your state for the last 15 years. Additionally, participate in the three point championship to sharpen your shooting skills.


Help Terra Bot to avoid obstacles and kill enemies to reach the gate in time !

Rowing Frenzy

Row your team to glory and gold medals in this fun filled rowing game.

Smart Bomber

The land mafia has built several unauthorized constructions in the city. Play as a Demolition Man, and blast all these buildings using dynamite. Help clean up the city!

Fata Poster Nikla Hero

Play as Abhimanyu whose father was killed and younger brother was kidnapped 20 years ago. The only thing that Abhimanyu remembers is the killer's pendent. Find all the pieces of the pendent and reveal the killer's face to get justice for his father. Abhimanyu also has to find his younger brother on this fearless journey.

Farm Manager

Guide the mini truck to the location of your choice by pressing the corresponding number key.Ensure you make each delivery on time.