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In the literature of all countries there will be a certain number of works on the subject of love. Probably the most famous of them all is the Kamasutra - an ancient Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure,love,and marriage. With Kamasutra Special Edition, the ultimate resource of the art of lovemaking is now available on the palm of your hand! The knowledge contained within the Kamasutra is treated here in a plain, simple, matter of fact way. Welcome to the world of Kamasutra

Street Marble

Aim and shoot


#marbles, attempting

#to strike 3 or more

Like-colored marbles against one another in a race against time.

Use different tactics on different surfaces such as grass, clay, marble, tarmac and sand. Watch out for glued, heavy and black marbles that try to spoil the fun! And collect bonuses for more time and accuracy along the way.


It's party time at the Playboy mansion! Play as a suave billionaire playboy looking forward to a long, wild night in Hugh Hefner's temptation paradise. Entice Playboy playmates - the hottest divas of love! Watch those sexy sirens as they unleash the psychedelic land of exotica via their seductive dances and raunchy talk. Revel in the attention showered upon you by each Playboy playmate as they bid their turn, waiting for you to show them how you handle your pinball!

Playboy Pool

Take control of one of three playable characters – cool johnny, rock star max, or hot shot ed, and bring to life their deepest fantasy... That.

Of getting it on with a really "hot" woman! To help you in this endeavor is sophie – ace bartender for a global chain of pubs set up at locations such as london, paris, rome, madrid, and berlin.

All you've got to do is beat her "girls" in a game of pool! If you can keep your balls under control, you just might make your character's dreams come true!

Laberint Loco

Froo, your flubby friend, is trapped inside a maze of rock solid blocks. The goal is to help froo reach home in the least number of moves. The blocks have images of arrows on them. Each time froo goes left, the blocks with left arrows are gonna move left... Etc... Be careful of the red colored globs, they are fast and evil.


You will be the captain of a ship and will be guiding your crew to riches or to the bottom of the ocean. Fight irates on the way who will always want to see you pleading for mercy. There are ten ports that you can visit in the game, seven for every time you play. Travel the ports, trade and earn gold. Certain ports may not be discovered in the beginning of the game. You can sail to any of the available ports, and locked ports are discovered after you complete a certain number of tasks for a governor in Story Mode. Each city has a distinct cultural identity, and a visually unique set of buildings where you can trade, manage your fleet, accept tasks, and handle all other aspects of running your businesses. Shipyards are the most important building where you will be able to restore your ship and also equip it with weapons which are very useful to destroy pirates.