To grow as a one of the major company in India for games, apps , simulations , AR ,VR with new ideas and technology to serve our clients. Client satisfaction is the one and only mission of SIGAAP. SIGAAP also like to provide platform to those ,who has ideas , to materialize with minimum cost and maximum quality. SIGAAP takes the mission to promote games and simulation beyond the entertainment to the everyday aspect of life, mainly in the business and educational purpose and provide best interactive solutions to any problem.Core members for SIGAAP have more than 40 man-years of experience which are given in details below:

arnabdyuti mitra

Mr. Arnab Mitra

Mr.Arnab Mitra is a physicist. After graduating from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, he studied in the United States for six years and completed his PhD in quantum optics. For the next several years he taught at various colleges and universities, including California State University and Florida State College. He already had extensive experience in scientific simulation and while teaching, he also developed an interest in game designing and became attached with SIGAAP. Currently he heads the divisions of simulation and e-learning.

saptarshi lahiri

Mr. Saptarshi Lahiri

Mr.Saptarshi Lahiri is an MBA with fifteen years of experience in sales , business development , customer relationship management , operation in financial service sector. He had been associated with the brand like Standard Chartered Bank, ICICI Securities etc. He has keen interest in digital marketing , strategy development and entrepreneurship. He is associated with SIGAAP for business development,customer relationship management and digital marketing.

anirban ghosh

Mr. Anirban Ghosh

SIGAAP is the brainchild of Mr.Anirban Ghosh. Games and entrepreneurship is being the basic philosophy of his life. Being a sports lover he always wanted to be on field. So he created his own field to play, i.e the games. But as a entrepreneur he always believed that games has much more role than simple entertainment and more responsibility towards the millions of the user. Anirban has more than 15 years of experience in games,simulation project development and management . He has worked with Walt Disney India Games, Reliance JumpGames,TataSky-Hungama DTH games etc during his professional tenure and some clients like Danieli India , FugenX etc after completing his MCA.